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Are you a Vet or Deployed troop in need of support? Contact us

Fraternity & Sorority Members, Get Involved!

        Fraternities and sororities "adopt" actively deployed troops through the CARES program. Greek houses are encouraged to seek out and adopt deployed alumni, however troops of any background are accepted.

        For the duration of the "adopted" troop's deployment. The Greek house is responsible for sending a monthly care package, maintaining correspondence, and having fun with their troop! We've laughed with our troops about funny mustaches, shared backgrounds, and more! 

Troops, you will be sent what you want

Contact Andrew Barton to get involved:

Phone: 636-219-2495


High Schoolers, Get Involved!

Currently Open to high school students in the St. Louis area

Activities include: Fundraisers, outdoor work at veterans posts & homes, and working with other non-profit organizations such as H.E.R.O.E.S. CARE

Contact Justin Pesek to get involved:


Phone: 636-395-9467

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