Our Favorite Events

We ask our volunteers not just to find opportunities, but to create them! This leads to new, exciting service opportunities. Follow our Twitter to stay in the loop!

Ricky's House

May 16, 2019

        Ricky is a vet we've worked with many times. He's a former airborne army ranger. Ricky was wounded in the line of duty.  He later developed bone cancer at the injury site and is now an amputee

        Due to his leg, he was unable to mow and take care of his yard. It got out of control but our group of 20 guys was able to tame the jungle. We had a blast!

Literacy Initiative Dodgeball Tournament

Jan 11,2020

  The Literacy Initiative is a local organization that seeks to end children's illiteracy through after school programs, fundraising, and tutoring. Read more about them here 

    Three teams of Serving Servicemen volunteers played in their tournament. Winning the 2020  Literacy Initiative Dodgeball tournament and personally raising over $400 for children's literacy. 

Gold Star Mothers

Jan-Mar 2019

Early in 2019, we were informed 3 homeless veterans were being buried at Jefferson Barracks. They had no family members to attend. CBC High School allowed us to leave class early and attend the funerals. At the final one, we were asked to be pallbearers. It was a powerful experience. 

     A couple months later, we were contacted by Gold Star Mothers(Mothers of children who've died in combat or military related activities). They'd attended the funerals as well and were touched by what we did. They presented the flag which covered the casket we carried. The flag currently sits in a display case at CBC High School. The name of the veteran is Robert Joseph Lang, he was an Air Force veteran.  


Turkey For The Troops

Nov 28, 2019

We spent our morning at the Jefferson Barracks VA sorting and handing out donations with the Veterans Assistance Fund. After we served a Thanksgiving meal to veterans in need and watched some football. The event was organized by Rich Hogan, an outstanding member of the veterans assistance community! 

V4V Breakfast

Dec 14, 2019

We woke up early to make a massive breakfast for Visions For Vets. A local organization that  seeks to help veterans through art. We ate with V4V members and gained first hand insight. Read more about V4V and get involved here! 

650 Care Packages, 2 Hours

UniGroup Fundraiser | March 1, 2020

We spent our day helping HEROES Care at the Unigroup Fundraiser. We created boxes for care packages and kept bins of everything ranging from movies to cookies full. We're proud to say we played a key role in the operation. Huge thanks to the boys for showing out today. Through teamwork, we helped make 650 care packages for deployed troops! The most impactful items we packed were recordable kids books. Deployed soldiers can record themselves reading the books, then send the books back to their families.

Big Richard's Fundraiser

Feb 8, 2020

We posted ourselves outside of Ruma's Deli and Big Richard's Hot Dogs dancing with signs. We even wore a hot dog suit. Their owner, Josh Thomsen, agreed  to donate 15% of revenue that day to us. We raised nearly $400 to directly help veterans!